Production process

Our engineers and specialised technicians help you choose the best solutions to develop your products, using co-design and advanced simulation software.


Items are designed with a view to correcting any imperfections or malfunctions before moving on to the production phase, with obvious savings in terms of time and costs, as well as better overall performance.
The technical department also designs the equipment required for production.

L’Ufficio Tecnico è coinvolto nelle seguenti attività:

Feasibility study of the project using solid modelling software to develop the best production process
Projects co-designed with the customer for product optimisation
Design and construction of moulds and equipment
Tool design
Support for product industrialisation
Technical customer service (from initial design to product development)
Cost analysis


La produzione delle anime da fonderia è realizzata internamente tramite 30 macchine automatiche spara-anime che permettono la realizzazione di pezzi di svariate dimensioni, anche importanti, a ciclo continuo, senza difficoltà.


The foundry department is the heart of Strambini e Boroni.
It is equipped with 10 high-performance furnaces, 30 shell casting machines and 3 automated islands for casting brass pieces weighing up to 50 kg.
The large production capacity of this machinery and the experienced personnel who use it, allow us to deal with peaks in production and any urgent requests seamlessly.


The process to finish the castings consists of three main stages:
> Cleaning and shot blasting, using three advanced cleaning/shot blasting machines with a capacity of 1500 2000 and 3000 kg.
> Cutting, in which the sprues are separated from the pieces using 15 specific cutting machines for each type of piece produced.
> Impregnation, carried out at the customer's request.


Strambini e Boroni è una delle aziende del Gruppo MI.GA.L. e per le lavorazioni meccaniche si avvale del loro supporto diretto, potendo così assicurare un risultato di qualità grazie ad un parco macchine altamente avanzato ed efficiente.


Strambini e Boroni also supplies products painted in any colour, with standard paint or paint with AKZO NOBEL certification for drinking water.


Strambini e Boroni ha la possibilità di testare al 100% la tenuta dei pezzi che consegna, tramite macchinari per prove ad aria ed in acqua.

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